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Elevate Your Book with Our Book Publishing Services

Discover excellence in publishing with Content Reservoir's streamlined Book Publishing Services. From editing to distribution, we ensure your literary vision becomes a captivating reality.

  • Proficient Book Publishing Services.
  • End-to-End Publishing Support - From manuscript to market.
  • Platform Optimization to ensure your book is perfectly formatted for various platforms.
  • Flexible Revisions.
  • Comprehensive Publishing and Marketing Assistance.
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Our Book Publishing Services

Explore the world of our comprehensive solutions designed to guide your manuscript toward becoming a polished, published masterpiece.

  • self-Publication

    Self Publication

    Take control of your book's journey with our self-publishing service, as we assist you in getting your story out there, handling everything from formatting to distribution.

  • paperback-publication

    Paperback Publication

    Experience the joy of holding your physical book with our paperback publication service. We will make sure that your manuscript becomes a professionally published and bound paperback.

  • online-publication

    Online Publication

    We make sure it's accessible on a number of platforms so that readers from all over the internet can enjoy your story.

  • other-publication-services

    Other Publication Services

    Explore more options with our additional self-publishing services. From turning your book into an audiobook to creating interactive e-books, we offer versatile ways to bring your book to life.

Our Book Publishing Packages

Standard Publishing Package


  • Dedicated team consisting of expert editor, designers, layout technician and a dedicated Project Manager.
  • Publishing on Amazon KDP
  • Thorough review of all the material — manuscript, photos, illustrations, images, tables, graphs, charts, maps, etc.
  • Content Assessment as per Amazon’s Content Guidelines, basic editing and proofreading.
  • Complimentary Custom Book Cover Design (Front & Back) as per your specifications.
  • Image/Photo insertion and Book Cover integration as per Amazon Guidelines and International Publishing Standards for Print format.
  • Standard interior design, custom layout, formatting and typesetting as per Amazon Guidelines and International Publishing Standards (IPS); making any adjustments required to meet the said standards (Print).
  • Finalization of the publish-ready version of the Book in Print (Paperback/Hardback) format.
  • Publishing on Amazon with:
    • Creation of unique Author and Book Profiles
  • Unlimited revisions till you are 100% satisfied.
  • Turnaround time (as per your specifications)
  • 100% Ownership and Copyrights belong to the Author.
  • Once the book is published, all proceeds from future book sales entitled to you are all yours to keep (100% royalty)

Extensive Publishing

Quote on Request

  • Dedicated team consisting of expert editor, designer, layout technician, a dedicated Project Manager and PR specialist.
  • Publishing on Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Google Books, Apple eBooks,,, Chapters / Indigo (Canada),, Amazon AU, Booktopia, Fishpond, The Nile, James Bennett, ALS, Peter Pal Adlibris, Agapea,, Aphrohead, Bertrams, Blackwell, Book Depository Ltd, Books Express, Coutts Information, Services Ltd, Designarta Books, Eden Interactive Ltd, Foyles, Gardners, Mallory International, Paperback Shop Ltd, Superbookdeals, The Book Community Ltd, Waterstones (40+ Publishing platforms)
  • Unlimited Print-on-Demand setup
  • ISBN and UPC Barcode Registration of your Book
  • Creation of author and book profiles optimized to attract your book's target audience.
  • Unlimited revisions till you are 100% satisfied.
  • Turnaround time (as per your specifications)
  • 100% Plagiarism-Free
  • 100% Uniqueness Guarantee
  • 100% Ownership and Copyrights belong to the Author.
  • Once the book is published, all proceeds from future book sales entitled to you are all yours to keep (100% royalty)

Connect With Our Book Publishing Expert

Engage with our book publishing agent to receive personalized guidance tailored to your manuscript's needs. Whether you're a new author or a seasoned writer, our experts can provide insights and strategies to navigate the publishing process successfully. Book a session today and take the first step towards bringing your book to readers.

  • Support tailored to your genre.
  • Price strategy consultation.
  • Platform selection guidance.
  • Efficient turnaround.

Roadmap to Publishing Your Book

We offer you a clear path to transform your manuscript into a published work, providing step-by-step guidance from inception to readers' hands.



Begin your journey by submitting your manuscript. Our team of experts will review it and provide initial feedback to ensure it's ready for the next stages.

Editing and Proofreading:

Our qualified professionals carefully edit and proofread your document to ensure that it is clear, coherent, and grammatically correct.


Type-setting, Images, Illustrations:

We take care of the formatting, incorporating any images or illustrations seamlessly into the manuscript for a visually appealing layout.

Book Cover Design:

Our creative team creates a captivating cover that captures the soul of your work and draws readers in at first glance.


Publishing and Distribution:

Once everything is polished to perfection, we initiate the publishing process, making your book available on various platforms. Our distribution network ensures your book reaches a wide audience, marking the successful culmination of your publishing journey.

Wish to discuss your requirements in detail? Lets talk today.

Hundreds Of Satisfied Customers From Around The Globe

  • Emily Wheeler


    "I cannot rave enough about the quality of the services provided by this book publishing service. Their team was not only professional and skilled but also genuinely invested in helping me achieve my goals. They were always addressing my concerns, and I felt confident and supported throughout the entire publishing process!"

  • Ollie Ryan


    "As a first-time author, I was nervous about going through the publishing process. But the team at Content Reservoir made it all feel so easy and managed everything on their own. They provided guidance on everything from editing to marketing, and I felt like I was in good hands at every step of the publishing process. I would recommend this service to anyone looking to publish a book to sell your books."

  • Donald Webb


    "I had tried other book publishing services in the past, but none of them came close to the level of professionalism and expertise I found here. Their team took the time to really understand my vision for the book, and they worked tirelessly to ensure that it was brought to life in the best possible way. They went above and beyond to make sure that the final product was something I could be proud of."

  • Stuart Lindsey


    "I am still impressed by the flexibility of this book publishing service. They really listened to my needs and preferences and offered print-on-demand services as well as a publishing house to help me. They were also transparent about the costs and timelines involved, which I appreciated. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone looking for a personalized and high-quality publishing experience."


Transforming Manuscripts Into Physical Treasures

Witness the magic of your creation as it transitions from being print-ready to a physical copy in your hand. Whether you like the tactile charm of a paperback or the timeless elegance of a hardcover, we offer custom printing options to cater to your needs.

Helping You Unlock The True Potential Of Your Book

At Content Reservoir, we believe in the uniqueness of every story, which is why we help everyone, including fiction and non-fiction writers. It also motivates us to offer a comprehensive range of services to help you unlock your story's potential and bring it in front of the world and to the top of the charts.

Whether you have multiple books under your belt or have written your first one, our team of professionals will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your book is published in no time. In addition, we can help you with editing, proofreading, and cover design illustrations before you are fully ready to showcase your art.

Topping it all, we can help with traditional hardcover publishing as well as Kindle direct publishing. We can also assist you in uploading it to Amazon Apple Books because you deserve to be part of the booming eBook market. So, are you ready to create much-deserved buzz around your book?

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So, it doesn’t matter if it’s your first book or your 50th; our publishing services are perfect to meet and exceed your expectations. Contact us today to learn about our book publishing services.